“I started making clothes as a kid, to help my mom pay the bills and I found my life purpose.”

-Dora Sasu

I taught myself how to sew and I started creating fashion at a very early age, in my home country, Romania. I was often sneaking into my grandma’s room to use her vintage sewing machine, until I was able to buy my own, or secretly cutting out my mom’s old clothes, to make fancy outfits for my dolls.

My dream had always been to start my own brand, so at 21 years old, I took a big leap of faith and moved to the United States, alone, to turn that dream into reality. I waited tables for 5 years and saved every penny I could, to be able to invest my dream one day.

After years of hard work, Dora Sasu Bridal was officially established in 2018, in a small apartment studio, in Miami. My very first wedding dresses were cut on my bedroom floor and my dining table served as a sewing table for a while. But the brand quickly evolved from one-of-a-kind, custom gowns, into releasing new collections every year and selling through multiple retailers around the world.

Hand-made in Romania and finished in the USA, our dresses are known for intricate laces, great fit, and daring cuts, that will make every bride feel empowered when walking down the aisle. I had always been inspired by the women in my family, who fascinated me with their elegance, despite not having a lot. Naturally, I carry that European style into my work, as I am often told my designs strike the perfect balance between “classy and sexy”.

But regardless of how you would like to describe my gowns, my intention with my work is to create designs that celebrate the complex dimensions of a woman’s spirit: grace, beauty, playfulness, strength, bravery, and confidence. These are the very “ingredients” it took to make my childhood dream come true.

I pour my heart and soul in everything I do, so remember that when you wear a Dora Sasu dress, you wear a piece of my heart with it.