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Bridal Valet

If you are like most brides, you are probably wondering what the role of a bridal valet is. Look at it as a “guardian angel” that is there to take care of all your needs, while your wedding planner is busy taking care of all the other moving parts that make up your event. Whether you are wearing one of our designs or not, chances are you will need some extra TLC for your gown and your bridal party’s dresses before you walk down the aisle to say “I do”.

Our bridal valet package is custom built to fit your own needs and it is designed to provide peace of mind and save the day wherever needed:


  • Steaming and preparing wedding gown and all other outfits
  • Dressing the bride
  • Styling the photos for picture-perfect shots
  • On-site alterations
  • Bustling the dress before the reception
  • Escorting the bride throughout the day
  • An extensive kit that helps solve any last-minute emergencies
  • Providing a memorable experience


  • Sharing experienced feedback when shopping for your dress and advising on possible alterations before making a final decision
  • Alterations after the dress is received and/or last-minute alterations before the wedding day
  • Designing and making custom veils and sashes to create a unique and cohesive look
  • Altering and/or designing bridal party’s outfits